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Tim Mercer faced long odds, growing up in one of the most economically impoverished regions in South Carolina. But, that difficult start—his past—would not come to define his life. Every blocked path led him closer to his goals. After a military career, Tim got his college degree and his start as an IT consultant at the height of the tech boom. His entrepreneurial journey began at the age of 27 and led him to acquire more wealth than he could have imagined. In his new book, Bootstrapped Millionaire, Tim shares the story of his life as a business leader to show aspiring entrepreneurs that mindset and work ethic can overcome the roadblocks and disadvantages that occur in our lives.

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Tim T. Mercer

Tim T. Mercer | Business Executive | Investor | Forbes Author

Tim Mercer came from humble beginnings to the kind of wealth and life he always dreamed of—then the floor came out from beneath him when the markets collapsed during the Great Recession. In 2010, there was a moment where he had only $1,000 in his bank account after having an estimated $1M in cash liquidity 8 years before. Starting from essentially nothing for a second time, Tim was able to pull himself up to even greater heights. He went on to build a technology consulting company that would reach over $60 million in revenues within ten years.

Today, his inspirational messages of positivity and endurance is reaching audiences across the country through his book and speaking engagements.

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Bootstrapped Millionaire

Tim Mercer’s Bootstrapped Millionaire is part modern parable about mind over matter sourced from Tim’s life experiences and part practical guidebook that demystifies the intricacies of starting and running a business in today’s fast-paced, complex environment. Starting with Mercer’s journey and the transformative lessons he’s learned along the way, Bootstrapped Millionaire gives readers permission to let go of their past and reclaim their power before unpacking the knowledge every aspiring entrepreneur needs to start and grow their business.

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Tim T. Mercer
“I am living proof that your mindset and work ethic can overcome the disadvantages you were born into.”


With over 25+ years of business experience, Tim Mercer is on a mission to move from success to significance. Success is personal. Significance lifts up others. Mercer’s keynotes impart the hard-learned lessons from his own experiences onto audiences so that aspiring entrepreneurs and self-starters can achieve their goals faster and with fewer hardships than he encountered on his journey.

Tim believes that mindset and work ethic can overcome any obstacle. In relating his story to audiences, they can see the viability of that belief system at work, feel empowered to change their own lives, and be inspired to achieve their dreams. I am living proof that your mindset and work ethic can overcome the disadvantages you’ll face.

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Tim T. Mercer

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Bootstrapped Millionaire

Bootstrapped Millionaire is a provocative podcast featuring many of the top entrepreneurs in the world who started and built their businesses from zero to multi-millions plus in revenue. Audiences will get insight into the mindset, concepts, and strategies that has helped these entrepreneurs not only succeed, but thrive. Learn how they’ve overcome the struggles and obstacles of business to defy the odds.

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