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Start Mapping Your Path to Success

You’ve got some critical pieces already in place. You know exactly why you want to be an entrepreneur, what you want to achieve, and how you personally define success. It’s a sturdy foundation that any emerging entrepreneur must have solidified before setting out of their journey. 

Now it’s time to start preparing yourself for what comes next. How refined is your idea? It doesn’t have to disrupt the business world at large. Far from it, actually. However, as you are getting started, the foundational premise of your business must fully leverage your unique skill set, as you will be the productive, creative, and intellectual engine behind the entire enterprise for longer than many realize. Whatever ideas are swirling in your eager head, be sure they are oriented around what you do best. 

Don’t forget to plan for the future. The start of any venture is a whirlwind, and if you’re successful it can be even crazier, as demand outpaces what your humble operation can supply. In that context, living moment-to-moment can consume you, and it can feel impossible to take a deep breath and look around every once in a while. 

Still, that can’t be an excuse for losing sight of your bigger picture. Remember why you started this venture in the first place, what you want to achieve, and the kind of success you want to earn. If you’re not finding time in between working on your business to work on yourself, you’re ultimately failing your business and yourself. Make sure that you’re working to develop and hone your soft skills like leadership and communication; that you’re staying informed of the latest trends, strategies, and the evolution of your market. One hedge that we can always have against the impending fear of failure is knowledge. The more we know, the more we can do to prepare ourselves for rainy days, and importantly, take the utmost advantage when the opportunities break our way. 

Comfort zones can come in many forms. The excitement and energy of the nascent days of your journey can become just that. You get good at the hustle, and crave it, seek it, and leave yourself unprepared for what comes next. Take this time to reflect and break out of your comfort zone. When we resolve to stay committed to our higher principles and refuse to stop learning no matter what our circumstances demand, we are actually choosing to set ourselves up for long-term success over short-term gain. Take the time now to begin mapping your authentic path to success. 

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