Take Control of Your Destiny

Examining the paths of cultural luminaries like Walt Disney, Michael Jordan, and Thomas Edison, Tim Mercer drew inspiration from these figures not only in their success, but in how they failed, how often they failed, and how relentlessly they got back up to win six NBA championships or invent the light bulb. Roadblocks and disadvantages never stopped them, and they continued to push past their limitations, to force themselves out of their comfort zones, to come into full possession of their power and destiny.

A true practitioner of what he preaches, Tim’s story is one of striving, success, failure, and constant reinvention. With the wisdom of experience and the business expertise that can only come from putting in the work and embracing change, Mercer invites audiences to take ownership of their lives and begin shaping their destiny.

Tim speaks on various leadership topics including:

  • Technology
  • Government Contracting
  • Finance
  • Entrepreneurship

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Bootstrapped Millionaire: Defy The Odds

Hosted by Tim T. Mercer

Tim T. Mercer

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