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Ready to Launch!

You’re ready to make incredible things happen! Taking control of your destiny could be as simple as a single great idea to propel you forward. While this is commendable, it means that the onus is on you. Are you prepared for what comes next?

Beginning with the obvious, prove your commitment and foresight by devising and refining an air-tight business plan. Given your responses, it is likely that you already have a strong business plan. Even so, confer with people you trust and make something that stands up to discerning eyes. 

The coming months and years are going to be a slog even in the best of times. Take comfort in the fact that the sacrifices you will make and the burdens you will bear are not unique. Every entrepreneur from Edison to Jobs has had to devote themselves feverishly in order to accomplish great things. Do not think that you will sidestep this unglamorous part of business. Instead, start planning for it. What can you do today to make yourself the kind of person who thrives in this environment? Step one: find somebody who has been there before. Whether you feel it or not, you are joining a community of like minded men and women. Some will be competitors but most can be compatriots. 

Because you are so clearly driven, you may already be months or years into an endeavor. Be that as it may, your story is not written yet. Seeking out new ideas can solve problems you thought were permanent, or perhaps they can just expand your mind. Either way, you will become a better entrepreneur for it. 

With the advice in Bootstrapped Millionaire, you will have access to the expertise needed to stay on your path to success for the long-term. 

To learn more about what to take control of your destiny, look inside Bootstrapped Millionaire. To get your copy now, click here. If you would like to stay up-to-date on the latest thinking in entrepreneurship, read Timothy Mercer’s latest articles.

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