Cybersecurity: Can You Protect Your Privacy in the Digital World?

Cybersecurity. Cyberattacks. Vulnerabilities. There are entire companies that have been created for the sole purpose of profiting from people that hear these words on an almost daily basis—in online ads or tv commercials—underlining your openness for an attack, the threat of identity theft, or the imminence of your lost fortune. They channel slogans that highlight […]

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5 Things Your Company Needs To Know About Cloud Security Basics

Cloud adoption is a business model that continues to disrupt industries around the world. It provides convenience, cost savings, and near-permanent uptimes compared to on-premises infrastructure. Due to the benefits available from cloud migration, analysts expect spending on public cloud infrastructure and services will grow to $500 billion by 2023. Although the flexibility and increased […]

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What is a Framework in Cybersecurity? (A Beginner’s Guide)

Today, every individual and organization is vulnerable to cybercrime. Historically, most cybercriminals went after large enterprises expecting big payoffs if they managed to penetrate the network. Over the last few years, this is no longer the case as hackers realized that smaller companies and government agencies are easier to exploit and have fewer resources to […]

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