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Do You Know What It Takes to Become a Bootstrapped Millionaire?

  • Do you have the courage to take charge of your life and defy the odds? If so, you have the potential to become a Bootstrapped Millionaire.

    For many, entrepreneurship is seen as a way to break free from a traditional career path. For others, it is a feather in their cap. However, those who hope to succeed will need to begin their entrepreneurial journey on surer footing.

    Anyone can become an entrepreneur, but are you ready?

    While starting your own business may sound attractive in the abstract, it is important to know the stakes. Almost half of all businesses fail in their first five years. Whether you succeed or fail, your business will consume all of your free time or headspace. These facts are not meant to scare you off from trying; the world has benefitted time and time again from individuals who believed in an idea enough to create a business.

    You believe in yourself and maybe you believe that now is the time to become a Bootstrapped Millionaire. Let’s see where you stand and how far you have to go.

    Start the assessment!

    Questions: Complete the following sentences with the answers that most closely reflect your current situation. Approach all 12 questions with honesty, and remember, there are no wrong answers.

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